“We have received a lot of feedback on the website from our mailing list. All of it was very, very positive! We are very grateful for APN’s work and training.”
– Thomas Fahy, President
The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will, Inc.


“APN is amazing…their expertise, hard work, and attention to detail absolutely floored me! Not only do they care about making my business more successful, they know how to do it. They are the real deal…”
– Pete Hebert
Founder, My HVAC Advisor


“All I can say is WOW! You are awesome at what you do. I am going to call Tabatha (Ty’s mother) Taylor & the coaches to make sure they watch this. What can I do to help get the site some exposure? Do you want to use this site to demonstrate what you can do for other athletes?Many thanks Matt!!

-Marc A. Davis
Regional Director
Tradebank International


“Hi Matt, just wanted to let you know how much everyone loves Ty’s site. You guys are PROS! Thank you so much”

-Taylor Jones / Ty’s Father