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Why Take the Pinterest Plunge?

You may be asking yourself what, specifically, is all the excitement about Pinterest and if you really need it as part of your marketing plan. After all, you are already using Facebook and Titter, right? Do you really need to ad yet another social media outlet to your already extensive business portfolio? According to Factbrowser, Pinterest traffic has doubled since May 2012, placing it as the...

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Marketing Your Videos

So you have uploaded all your clever/witty/informative videos to Youtube.  And there they sit. Your time and hard work are going unappreciated and your message is missing its mark (also known as the eyes of your potential customers). What do you do once your video is available for public consumption? Perhaps you let it sit in hopes that someone will stumble across it, love it enough to share...

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Using Local Search to Boost Business

It goes without saying that to effectively promote your business and acquire clientele your business has to first be found. When searching for a company online, prospective customers tend to use a combination of online feedback and accessibility of information to determine what companies to patronize. Basically, customers tend to type in what they are looking for and the location and then choose...

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Humor in Marketing

Using humor in marketing can be a slippery slope. You don’t want your business to appear outdated and stodgy; however given the vast difference in what others perceive to be funny, you also don’t want to offend or use your humor at inappropriate times. Using humor can be risky and can result in shrinking your audience, but it can also proved your company with a home run advertisement. Here is...

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Gaining Customers through Pinterest

Pinterest Power is an informative book written by Jason Miles and Karen Lacy regarding how to harness this new incredible social media. Recently, Jason Miles participated in a webinar on Awareness Networks addressing this issue. The webinar including more in depth information and statistics can be found here. The webinar primarily dealt with his and his wife, Cinnamon’s, experience using...

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Pandas and Penguins, Oh My!

Previously, our blog discussed the Google update algorithm Panda, and how this update can be used as incentive to improve site content to avoid being displaced in the rankings. Following this update, Google released a second algorithm, Google Penguin. According to Wikipedia Google penguin is the code name for an algorithm used to decrease rankings of websites that violate Google Webmaster...

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