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Post to Your Facebook Company Page as Yourself (and Vice Versa)

You may or may not already know that Facebook can be used as an important marketing tool for your business through “Fan” pages. For this particular post, I’m going to assume that everyone has already made a company Facebook page (or had one made for them).   How to Post to Your Company Page as Your Company This one’s pretty simple and not really anything new, but if you’ve had...

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5 SEO Tips to Increase Your Ranking

In the ever-changing world of Search Engine Marketing, it’s a good idea to frequently research the latest trends in how to properly optimize your website. Many old tricks – such as keywords in the meta description – are practically obsolete, and others – such as stuffing keywords in your content, title, meta description…anywhere you could think to throw in a keyword – can actually...

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Watch What You Tweet

With how prevalent social media is these days, we really need to be careful of what we say and where. One negative post can be shared by your friends with their friends, and then with their friends, until suddenly hundreds of people think you’re a terrible person just because of one comment that may or may not have been taken out of context.  In the Twitter realm, 140 characters can make or...

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Get More Views on Your Facebook Posts

Ten years ago, I never would have guessed just how much social media would change the way our world communicates. Yes, I had a MySpace account, which I occasionally used to keep in touch with friends who had moved out of state for college. But I wasn’t obsessed with it. I didn’t check my MySpace page daily, let alone hourly. I didn’t have a smart phone where I could receive and post status...

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Top 3 Comedy Videos on YouTube

We all know that YouTube can be a great marketing tool, be it for your business or simply for yourself. Music careers have been launched, Internet stars have been born, and people have made loads of money off of a long list of videos, from simple home videos to full production YouTube series. In this article, I’m going to discuss the three most viewed YouTube videos in the Comedy category (as...

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Welcome to the APN Blog!

As you have probably noticed if you visited our website previously, we have completely overhauled our site! In addition to better pricing layouts and an updated, “dark side” inspired design, we have also added this – our very first blog. Our goal, as always, is to create an open channel between us and our customers in as many ways possible. The addition of a blog to our website...

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