Creating a Successful Marketing Video for YouTube

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There are so many ways to market your business; one popular method is, and has been for many years, the use of video. A decade or so ago, the most popular form of video marketing was commercials, but these days, YouTube has become another great way to sell yourself or your business. Musicians have risen to fame on YouTube, shows have been born…while traditional commercials are still an important part of advertising, however, having a YouTube strategy and including video players on your website can also help both drive traffic to your site and increase company awareness.

Here are just a few pointers on how to make your video a success:

Tip #1: Be entertaining OR be informative.

Both would be best, of course, but if you have a really good, informative video like a demonstration of some sort (ie, how to dismantle your laptop and install a new hard drive, which I found very useful recently), then you don’t need to be entertaining. Conversely, if you can be entertaining, you don’t necessarily have to be informative. Pure entertainment value might encourage a person to learn more about you or your company.

Tip #2: Make sure your video looks professional.

A poorly made video with shoddy camera angles and sound issues will only make your company look bad. If you don’t have experience shooting videos, you might want to consider hiring a professional. Simple software and/or hardware demos should be easy enough to do on your own, but if you really want something to represent your company and your corporate image, having at least one or two professionally shot videos can only help you to look more legit. Check out this video we made for our company:

Tip #3: Market your video.

Don’t just post your video on YouTube and forget about it! Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…any social media outlet you currently use. If there’s space on your website, include that professionally-made video someplace prominent. Going to that video might encourage site visitors to view your other videos, which might just earn you a devoted YouTube subscriber (and future customer).

Need help creating a successful video for your business? Contact us for details on how we can help!

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