Extend Your Company Brand: Update Your Twitter Background

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A great way to help increase brand awareness is to carry your designs through from your website to your Facebook page to your Twitter page. While not as customizable as Facebook, there are still ways to update your Twitter page to give it a look that is consistent with your other page designs.

Twitter offers a few stock backgrounds, but they’re easily recognizable and certainly won’t make you or your business stand out from the crowd. There are also websites that offer free Twitter backgrounds, but again, you run the risk of using the same image as someone else. If you’re not design savvy, you can always hire a design firm to update your Twitter look – especially make sure to ask about this if you already have or are looking for a company to manage your tweets!

Once you have an image file, you’ll need to upload it as your new background. Keep in mind that the background in Twitter is responsive – the bigger the person’s monitor, the more they’ll see, so if you are using any elements meant to appear on either side of the main container (approx. 763 pixels in width), keep that in mind!

Here’s how to update your Twitter background:

Step 1: Click on your name/your company’s name in the top left box where your icon image is.

Update Twitter Background

Step 2: Click on the button on the far right side (across from your name/company name) that says “Edit your profile.”

Update Twitter Background

Step 3: In the left panel, it should default to “Profile.”  Click on the link that says “Design.”

Update Twitter Background

Step 4a: If you want to use one of the default Twitter backgrounds, select from the top area for “Premade Themes.”

Update Twitter Background

Step 4b: If you would like to upload your own background image, scroll down to the bottom. Click on “Choose file” to upload your background design. You can also update the background color (if your background image does not repeat itself, you will need to match this to the background color of the image) and the color of the hyperlinks.

Update Twitter Background

Step 5: When you are finished, click “Save Changes.”

Update Twitter Background

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