Gaining Customers through Pinterest

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Pinterest Power is an informative book written by Jason Miles and Karen Lacy regarding how to harness this new incredible social media. Recently, Jason Miles participated in a webinar on Awareness Networks addressing this issue. The webinar including more in depth information and statistics can be found here.

The webinar primarily dealt with his and his wife, Cinnamon’s, experience using Pinterest to launch her huge high end doll clothing business. They saw a monumental upsurge in business once they began marketing on Pinterest.

Pinterest is statistically one of the fastest growing social media to date, second only to Google+. It allows users to organize and share all their favorite things found online…and allows you, the business owner, to create personal ties to your client base, and enables companies with visual content to show the world what they have to offer, through the use of pin boards.

Not only is Pinterest useful for the sharing of visual fodder, such as products and ideals, it is also now the 4th best source of online traffic, displacing even Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Pinterest followers follow on average 9.5 online companies and 47% of consumers have made purchases based on Pinterest recommendations, according to statistics cited with Miles’ webinar.

How do you get started using this powerful marketing tool? Some quick suggestions:

1. Install pin-it buttons and update content on your personal website. Make sure your site includes as many pinable options as possible.

2. Create your own account on Pinterest, including a professional profile with a good clear business image or headshot, warm greeting, and thorough descriptions to draw users in.

3. Watch your analytics! Here is where you can track trends… what pins are working, and what users are pinning you.

4. Follow your pinners and followers. This gives you rare insight into the mind of those who are interested in what you have to offer.

5. Create a marketing plan. Start with creation (of your account), then follow through with invitation (to the customers you currently have). Utilize the analytics to help reach goals for your business, and create ways to generate interest, such as contests and specials.

Pinterest Marketing Plan

The primary beauty of Pinterest is the social function utilized on the site. On Facebook, you can “like”, “comment” and “share”, but the primary response by FB users is to “like” an item. Twitter subsists on retweets. The social function of Pinterest is to repin, which automatically shares your images to thousands of users in big bright pictures! It is the perfect noninvasive marketing form, and also gives you unique customer insight by offering the ability for you to see the boards of your customers. This also gives you the first “yes”, mandatory for sales. In sheer numbers, 80% of pins on Pinterest are, in fact, repins. If you aren’t using Pinterest you are missing on an amazing opportunity! For help tapping into this resource, contact us to receive your free social media consultation!

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