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Ten years ago, I never would have guessed just how much social media would change the way our world communicates. Yes, I had a MySpace account, which I occasionally used to keep in touch with friends who had moved out of state for college. But I wasn’t obsessed with it. I didn’t check my MySpace page daily, let alone hourly. I didn’t have a smart phone where I could receive and post status updates.

Oh, how the times have changed.

These days, social media outlets like Facebook have become more than just a way for friends to connect. It’s a way for people to share news and pictures with family all across the country…even the world. It’s a way for news channels to disseminate breaking stories. And it’s also a way for companies to market themselves to a broad range of people without spending thousands on advertising spots and commercials.

One of the most important parts of a good Facebook marketing campaign is ensuring that your posts get viewed and shared. Here are just a few tips on gaining maximum exposure.

  1. Post pictures. This especially works well if your picture is of delicious food or something equally likely to catch a person’s eye.
  2. Be amusing. The majority of the posts that get shared on my news feed are humorous. Make someone laugh, and your chances of getting “Liked” will rise exponentially.
  3. Know your audience. If you’re marketing towards stay at home moms, posting early afternoon (kiddie nap time) might be more effective. If your audience is mostly professionals, early morning or early evening posts might work better.
  4. Share your knowledge. People like interesting, relevant facts. If I’m a fan of green living and I see some helpful posts on recycling tips, I might be inclined to like the company responsible in order to learn more.
  5. facebook post viewsTest, test, TEST. Facebook offers some great tools to check the effectiveness of your posts. Posts on your timeline show how many views they’ve had, so you can test all of the above (use of pictures, humor, knowledge, and post times) and see what methods work best. Facebook insights, accessible through the admin dashboard, can offer even more useful data – Reach (number of unique users who have seen your post); Engaged Users (number of unique users who clicked on your post); Talking About This (number of unique people who created a story from your post by sharing, commenting, etc.); and Virality (percentage of people who created a story from your post versus how many people viewed your post).


In my opinion, number 5 is probably the most important tip. Unless you’re constantly tracking and testing, you’re probably just posting blind, which is a waste of valuable time and money. And if you don’t have time to dedicate to a social media campaign, remember that there are experts out there who can handle it for you.

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