Humor in Marketing

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Using humor in marketing can be a slippery slope. You don’t want your business to appear outdated and stodgy; however given the vast difference in what others perceive to be funny, you also don’t want to offend or use your humor at inappropriate times. Using humor can be risky and can result in shrinking your audience, but it can also proved your company with a home run advertisement.

Here is a collection of some of the funniest commercials for 2012 to enjoy:

Some tips on keeping humor in its place:

First and foremost, obviously, is not to be blatantly confrontational. Avoid hot topics that inflame the emotions of others. Most of can agree a cute picture of a puppy with a silly saying may cause a smile, but a political or religious joke can very easily backfire. Harsh or mean spirited humor will almost instantly diminish your customer base.

Keep your business in mind. How does the humor pertain to your business? Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of your marketing goals and your intended audience!  Your product or service should always be front and center. This can be a very delicate balance, too much product and you lose your customer, too little product and you lose the primary focus of the advertisement!

Get to the point! No one enjoys a joke that goes on… and on… and on… and on…well, you get the picture. Short and sweet is a good rule of thumb. If the punch line is too convoluted or outside of the general knowledge of your audience base, you will leave customers bored, scratching their heads..and, worst of all, not buying your product or service.

So how does your business balance humor and professionalism? If you are finding yourself at a loss on how to incorporate humor into your business effectively, a marketing service such as APNMarketing can certainly help. Contact us for your free consultation!

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