It’s All About Relationships

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Marketing is about more than making contact with a potential customer and making a sale. It’s also about building relationships with clients, ensuring repeat business based on customer loyalty. It’s about connecting on a personal level and making the customer feel as though they are appreciated and an integral part of your business.

Social media, newsletters, and personalized emails are the perfect platform to reach out to clients and pull them into your business “family”. You can do this by thanking and acknowledging your customers, either personally when the situation calls for it, or as a group. Newsletters, Facebook and Twitter are also perfect forums to hold contests and offer coupons, helping clients feel recognized as important to a company. These things take time, but can serve as reminders to your customers that your business values the loyalty of your patrons.

The real highlight of utilizing social media is the ability it gives you to forge a personal hands-on bond with your customer. Using social media to familiarize clientele with your employees by recognizing their achievements as well aids clients in feeling they know you and your company. If your company isn’t fully utilizing social media opportunities, then you are truly missing out!

Never forget that customers have a choice as to where they wish to spend their money and time. Repeat consumerism is the sincerest form of appreciation from your customer for your business. Take the time to return the favor by offering gratitude for their patronage and to assist a more personal relationship between the customer and you.

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