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So you have uploaded all your clever/witty/informative videos to Youtube.  And there they sit. Your time and hard work are going unappreciated and your message is missing its mark (also known as the eyes of your potential customers). What do you do once your video is available for public consumption? Perhaps you let it sit in hopes that someone will stumble across it, love it enough to share with their  4 million friends, making you and your business the next overnight Youtube sensation, like Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce)?

Maybe you share it on your webpage, where you gain a few hits from customers already enjoying your excellent service. But how do you “get it out there”?

First and foremost, you have to market yourself. Share your work of art through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Make sure your content is shareable, focusing on entertaining or educating, or even better, both. The more your content is shared across social media, the more people see it, and the higher your search engine visibility becomes, bringing in even more viewers. Even Tardar had help becoming viral through an incredible number of shares.

Secondly, don’t be neglectful of pertinent keywords. There is an entry for “keywords” for a reason! You can also use your title and other fillable areas to include your keywords and phrases.

And finally, follow up! Track your video, and use your analytic programs, such as Google analytics to see what venues are bringing in the most viewers and how many are clicking through to connect with you due to your video. Tardar started as a single Reddit picture, but when the owners saw the accumulating hits, they created Youtube videos in response. They could have missed the opportunity completely, without follow through!  It may be that you discover your clever video isn’t being as well received as you like, or that most of your traffic to the video comes from a particular originating source. Knowledge is power, use it!

As with most marketing this can be a time consuming process. But whether it is a labor of love or something you would prefer to hire a marketing firm like Alliance Partners Network Marketing to handle it for you, careful marketing of your videos can potentially pay off big in the future!

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