Nab that Offer with Sports Recruiting Videos

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So you might have looked at the title of this blog and immediately asked yourself, Why the heck is this marketing and media company talking about sports? What you may not know is that a sports recruiting video is, in essence, a form of marketing. Instead of marketing a company or product, however, you’re essentially marketing yourself (or your child) to potential colleges.

And there’s your random bit of knowledge for the day.

The video generally consists of a certain number of an athlete’s best plays. Interviews with coaches and teammates can also be edited into the video, which can then be uploaded to YouTube with a player stats page.

The reason these videos are so important is that not every college in the US has the funding needed to send recruiting scouts all over the country. Many colleges will only consider student athletes who have sent in a recruiting highlight video, and if you have a professionally-made video that nicely highlights your particular talents…well, the chances of getting recruited by the college of your dreams will definitely rise.

You might be thinking, “Um, I’m not in high school, and I sure as heck don’t have a kid in high school. Why does this matter?”

For you, maybe It doesn’t, but for someone else, it will. And perhaps one day, later on down the road, you might have a student athlete of your own and wonder – how the heck am I going to get this kid into college? When that happens, if that happens, just remember this random little article and know that there are companies out there, like Sports Recruiting Highlight Videos, who know what they’re doing.


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