Pandas and Penguins, Oh My!

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Previously, our blog discussed the Google update algorithm Panda, and how this update can be used as incentive to improve site content to avoid being displaced in the rankings. Following this update, Google released a second algorithm, Google Penguin.

According to Wikipedia Google penguin is the code name for an algorithm used to decrease rankings of websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines by “spamdexing”, or deliberately manipulating search engine indexes by Black Hat SEO methods such as using hidden keywords, cloaking, and creating duplicate content.

The main source of contention for legitimate businesses is the inadvertent use of these SEO techniques, or simply not knowing how to market your business online effectively. Panda looks at many other factors, such as whether your site contains too many advertisements, had fresh content, and is listed on Google+.

If you feel you have been hit unfairly by the Panda update, you can fill out the feedback form, but this doesn’t guarantee your reinstitution to the site rankings you previously enjoyed. The main thing is, to recover in such a way to work your way up and avoid being hit again.

Some general tips to do this include:

Hire a reputable marketing firm to help you regain your footing. If your business has been hit hard and you are at a loss for what to do, this is definitely a worthwhile investment…there is no reason believe that Google intends to stop updating and applying website ranking algorithms such as Penguin and Panda.

Freshen your content. Thicken up thin content, and cut out duplications. is a wonderful tool to help you search out your duplicate content. Clean up your content as well, removing dead and redirect links from your site.

Watch where and how you promote. Avoid spammy networks and make sure Google Adsense Ads are short of advertisement, but rich in content after the click.

Use social media to generate likes and traffic for your business, building your website rankings.

Watch this video for more helpful tips and information.

These are only a few ways to recover from a direct Penguin hit. Take heart in the fact that there IS life after Google Panda and Penguin, and with a little work and thoughtfulness on your part you can regain, or even better, surpass, your previous rankings.

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