Social Media

We take the headache out of social media management!

Facebook Facelifts:


Let’s face it, Facebook is one of the hottest growing trends on the web today. That means more and more people are getting their first impression of your business by viewing your company Facebook page instead of visiting your website. Alliance Partners Network will assist you in capitalizing on this trend by creating a Facebook facelift graphic package to give your company Facebook page the same look and feel of your businesses website.

Our Facebook facelift includes a customized cover page (top banner) and three customized applications that can be used as a “Call to Action” for your customers/clients. For some businesses, we’re even incorporating a newsletter sign up form that includes a “join our newsletter” incentive to help create an online customer email database.

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Social Media Management:


These days, having a social media presence is almost vital for a company’s success. In addition to providing your customers with easy access to basic details about your company, social media can be used to develop and maintain your brand’s image. Regular posts on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can help boost traffic to your website, and frequent, well written blog articles can help to establish you and/or your company as a trusted industry resource.


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