‘Tis the Season…for Strategic Holiday Marketing

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This is the time of year many businesses expect a dramatic increase in sales. Whether your company is product of service driven, the holiday gift giving season is a huge opportunity to reach out to new customers, as well as reap the benefits of having developed relationships with patrons who feel a loyalty to your business. The question is, is it possible to market your company incorrectly during the holidays?

The answer, quite simply, is yes. Consumers are practically buried under seasonal advertisements, quite often to the point where email inboxes have become a place for newsletters to grow old and die or become quick victims to click and delete. Even repeat customers could overlook your business if your marketing during this time period is unintentionally exclusive to certain groups, overly cliché or blends in too much with the rest of the overzealous crowd.

Setting your business apart from the crowd becomes even more important than usual when the crowd grows exponentially (and aggressively!). Some pointers on how to do this include:

Unless you are marketing to one specific religious group, market nondenominationally. It’s easy to want to showcase your faith in your advertisements given the religious implications of the season. However, if you wish to maintain customers of varying religions and faiths, it’s best to avoid religious symbols and verbiage. Rather, focus on seasonal images that everyone can identify with, such as snowflakes and fireplaces.

Keep it simple and creative. Don’t let your message get lost amongst the seasonal imagery! Make it clear to the customer what you are offering, and make sure you are offering something. This is the season for buying, but also the season for sales and incentives. It’s a competitive world out there, and it only gets more so during the holidays.

Use social media to establish holiday good will and rapport with your clients. This is such an easy time of the year to warm hearts and cause smiles. Use the “warm fuzzies” of the holidays to draw attention to you and your business. Not only will it make customers feel more connected to you, but may carry the added benefit of helping you enjoy your business more during the holidays as well, by focusing you and your employees onto other things besides only worrying about the bottom financial line. Share the holiday spirit, and you may get even more from it than you had hoped.

Market wisely this holiday season, and you could very well find yourself rewarded with increased sales, happy customers, and a feeling of contentment with your business. Need help? Contacts us at APNMarketing and receive a no obligation consultation, and see how we can help boost your business, not only for the holidays, but for the whole year around!

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